Document Library

    Key documents currently governing the IBMP
  • 2022 Winter Operations Plan
  • Current IBMP Adaptive Management Plan (see AM page)
  • Partner Protocols (living document; describes how Partners interact)

  • IBMP Annual Reports

  • IBMP EIS and Adaptive Management Documents

  • Operations Plans

  • Bison Ops Updates (Risk Management Action Reports)

  • Long-term Bison Hunt Documents and Summaries

  • Citizen Working Group (CWG) Documents

  • Bison Quarantine Facility Documents

  • Vaccination Documents

  • Royal Teton Ranch Fencing Documents

  • Horse Butte Bison Capture Facility (HBBCF) Documents

  • USDA-APHIS Bison Bull Shedding EA

  • GAO Reports

  • Maps